Mid-Day Dog Walks

Schedule your pet(s) for our mid-day service. Minimum of 3 regularly scheduled visits per week to qualify for mid-day pricing.

  • Walks (up to 30 min.)
  • Potty breaks
  • Playtime and lots of TLC
  • Daytime companionship

AM/PM Visits

  • Meals given
  • Walks (up to 30 min)
  • Lights turned on/off and blinds drawn
  • Mail & newspapers brought in

Vacation Care (Extended travel)

  • Feeding and watering per your instructions
  • Walks and exercise for the dogs
  • Playtime and TLC for all pets
  • Medications administered and dietary needs met
  • Up to 4 visits per day
  • Litter boxes kept fresh and clean and waste removed from premises
  • Pet “accident” cleanup
  • Bird and fish care
  • Smaller animals welcome
  • Visitation notes with a summary at the end of each service
  • Mail pickup
  • Trash to curb

Overnight Pet and Home Care

If your pets are not comfortable being left at home alone overnight and you don’t wish to board them, we’ll stay at your home, sleep with your pets if you request, and provide the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe. We offer the following home services as part of your pet sitting visit. Please call us with special requests as space is limited.

  • Home security checks performed at each visit
  • Mail, newspapers, packages brought inside
  • Lights turned on/off
  • Draperies/window coverings opened/closed
  • Watering plants (reasonable amount)
  • Special attention offered to pets

Administer Medications

In most cases, we will provide your pets with routine medication administration at no extra charge. IV fluids or special needs cases will be assessed at the time of your initial consultation, and extra charges may apply.

Home Care Only

We’re glad to offer basic home-care should you have no pet requirements. Services include

  • Mail pickup and trash to curb service
  • All entryways checked
  • Watering plants (reasonable amount)
  • Lights turned on/off
  • Draperies/window coverings opened/closed