We have two ten year old labs, one that recently developed diabetes and requires injections twice daily. While You R Away and their staff has never missed a step. Michael has even taken the extra time needed to teach us about diabetes, monitoring and injection techniques and proper diet than our vet has. For the past year While You R Away® has been there when we couldn’t. Their cost including medical care was about the same or better than other pet sitters. We (and our dogs) would recommend While You R Away to everyone who loves their pets.

George and Kathy - Mission Viejo

Reading a review does not put you at ease to leave your fur babies in the care of strangers.  You worry about everything. I have 3 security camera’s throughout my home, and I asked “While You R Away” pet sitters to come a total of 9 times. I watched all 9 encounters while away, and I was amazed at what I saw, and I couldn’t be happier. My dog had several caretakers, and they were all fantastic. I watched each one read the instructions I left, and then I watched them follow the instructions perfectly. After they fed and walked my dog, they stayed for additional time to just sit, play, and cuddle with him. Each visit was about 30 to 40 minutes, and was worth every penny. They also took care of my fish. When I came home, everything was clean and spotless. I will be using this pet sitter service again and next time I will have 100% confidence in them.  I am so impressed with “ While You R Away “ and the high standards and care each pet-sitter showed.

Leisah - March 2019

We have a Cocker Spaniel named Bailey. We travel frequently and many times on short notice. We had tried boarding our dog when he was just a year old but he always seemed very stressed and ill afterwards. That’s when we found While You R Away®. We bonded with owners, Linda and Michael, and their staff right from the start – and so did Bailey. And the best part is that he can remain at home where he’s happiest. It is so wonderful to have a resource like While You R Away® in our neighborhood that will care for our dog the same way we do. Bailey is now 7 yrs. old and we still call on While You R Away® whenever we travel. In fact, we were so impressed by their organization that we decided to launch our own WYA location.

Steve & Julia - Irvine

We are very pleased with your service and how well you have taken care of our pets! It says a lot that when you come into our home both Angelina and Oreo come right up to you because they love your attention to them. It is a great sense of security to know that you are caring for our pets, and looking after our home too while we are on vacation. We appreciate your attention to the small details like bringing in newspapers from out front, and rotating lights as needed. It’s great that you leave behind a checklist so that we know everything was taken care of and our pets were happy! Having used your company for over 10 years we can confidently say that we would not use anyone else!

-Eric and Michele, owners of Oreo and Angelina

Eric & Michele

“I have been acquainted with While YouR Away, in particular Linda Valentine, for the last 13 years. Using her petsitting service changed my life as I no longer needed to place my dog in the haphazard care of kennels or ‘doggy hotels’. While YouR Away provides loving and reliable care in a stress free environment (your home) during your absence. Upon return, my beloved Shayna was happy, well-fed and cared for as if I had never left.”